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Commission a Portrait

Richard Whitney, PhD.H, is a commissioned artist who focuses his concentration on realistic, portrait, and landscape art. He offers all his clients free design consultation for commissioned fine art.

Richard will speak by telephone or email with the client to determine the details of the portrait. This includes desired mood, size, clothing, objects to be included in the portrait, schedules, and where the portrait will ultimately hang.

Richard and the client then meet. He can travel to the client's location or they can meet at Richard's studio in Stoddard, New Hampshire. At this two- to three-hour meeting, Richard does a photography session and a color study from life. Using these materials, he works with the client to reach an agreement on pose and composition.

Artist, author, and teacher Richard Whitney is nationally known for his realistic portraits and landscapes painted in the style of contemporary realism. "Town and Country" magazine has named him one of the top dozen portrait painters in America. "Fine Art Connoisseur" has called him one of "the giants of the field" of figurative painting.

Whitney's paintings hang in over 800 public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. They include the Anchorage Museum of Art and History; the Anderson House Museum; the Newark Museum; the Pentagon; Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Universities; and the Catholic University of Portugal.

He has won over 50 regional and national awards as well as three grants from the Greenshields' Foundation of Montreal. Whitney was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of New Hampshire in 2015 and the Lotte Jacobi Living Treasure Award from the State of New Hampshire.

Joanne John Slocum, Newport RI Historical Society Ethan Hawke, The Players, NYC

"Congratulations! "Marion" is not only a beautiful painting but a splendid example of "modern" portraiture. I have full confidence in your ability to produce sound work that simultaneously meets the standards of creativity. Now it seems that you are again quite on target as far as the trend in contemporary American art is concerned."
— Artist Elton Fax

"Richard, I just have to stop everything and tell you how very impressed I am with ALL that you have accomplished over the years. You are a true master in every aspect of the word. So very proud to be a tiny part of your incredible life!"
— Pat Young, The Portrait Group