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Fine Art by
Sandy Sherman and Richard Whitney, PhD.H 

Photo of Sandy Sherman and Richard Whitney by Stacy Eaton

Photo by Stacy Eaton

Fine art emerges from the union of talent and inspiration. For more than a quarter of a century, Sandy Sherman and Richard Whitney, two of Americas most gifted classical realism artists, have found a boundless source of inspiration in the seclusion of Crescent Pond, surrounded by the natural beauty of thousands of acres of forest land and its many creatures.

Richard Whitney, recognized as one of America's top 12 portrait artists, is equally talented as a landscape artist, mentor, and author. Sandy Sherman is a gifted, award-winning still life and landscape artist, lauded for her masterful use of light and color, and well known for her whimsical "Grotoon" paintings.

They invite you to browse their website where you will find many examples of Richard and Sandy's work, a link to Richard's three books, and information regarding commissioned portraits.

Richard and Sandy are pleased to welcome visitors and students to the studios at Crescent Pond, and frequently host artists workshops and gallery exhibits. Visitors have said it is a nature lovers paradise, a wilderness Giverny as seen in Richards paintings below.

Tagging Along

Tagging Along

The Breath of Spring

The Breath of Spring

Going Home

Going Home

Recent Paintings for Sale

Richard playing Scriabin's Poem OP. 2 #1

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For Commissioned Fine Art

James Webb, Jr., The Pentagon

by Richard Whitney, PhD.H

Sawmill Farm Inn

by Sandy Sherman

The Thinker

by Sandy Sherman

Monadnock Orchard

by Richard Whitney, PhD.H

Painting The Visual Impression by Richard Whitney, PhD.H


"The young painter, who regardless of present popularity would leave a name behind him, must become the patient pupil of nature . . .What are the most sublime productions of the (brush) but selections of some of the forms of nature, and copies of a few of her evanescent effects: and this is the result, not of inspiration, but of long and patient study, under the direction of much good sense." — John Constable 

This book is a summary of the fundamental ideas that artists use to help them paint the look of nature and the effects of light and shadow. Richard has listed them in order of importance so as to help the working painter logically solve problems. 

"I enthusiastically recommend the brilliant and informative painting book by Master Artist Richard Whitney! Whitney's perceptive insights about painting and portraiture should be of value to artists of every skill level. His book is on par with the famous Art Spirit by Robert Henri and is destined to be a classic book on portraiture and painting."
—  Daniel E. Greene, N.A.

This book is available for $28 including S&H. If you live overseas, please contact Richard for information.

Painting The Visual Impression by Richard Whitney Book Cover
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Advice to a Young Artist - Letters From Ives Gammell to Richard Whitney
Transcribed by Richard Whitney, PhD.H


Ives Gammell was one of the most remarkable artists and teachers of the 20th century.  He taught the principles of representational painting to his students who in turn have helped initiate a renewed interest in classical painting worldwide. Richard has transcribed all of Mr. Gammell's letters and they are fascinating for what they reveal about his personality, his views on art and other artists, literature, music, and life in general. This 102-page book is richly illustrated with 72 reproductions of paintings by Mr. Gammell and several of his students.

"Wow! Congratulations. This is a brilliant book and surely a must have for any art lover or student. It is full of practical guidance and encouragement for the would-be artist as well as a thoroughly rewarding read for all those who appreciate the fine art of painting. It is without doubt a valuable addition to any studio or library."
— Judith A. Curtis, Art Historian

"With the publishing of his correspondence from R.H. Ives Gammell, Richard Whitney is doing the art of painting a tremendous service. As Mr. Gammell predicted 80 years ago, interest in representational art has come roaring back and the world’s artists are eager for as much straight talk about painting as they can get."
— Carl Samson, Artist

This book is available for $29 including S&H. To purchase both books the cost is $50 including S&H. Please contact Richard overseas information. 

Painting The Visual Impression by Richard Whitney Book Cover
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In the Preface Tribute to a Master, the world renowned portrait painter John Howard Sanden writes:

"Richard Whitney is universally recognized as one of America's true masters of contemporary realism...This book is truly magnificent and a tribute to a life well lived!.... Our fellow artists will value this new volume, encapsulating as it does Richard's total oeuvre, both portraits and landscapes. Young artists will be inspired by the realization of the great heights to which hard work and natural talent can still take one."

In the Introduction, Whitney writes: "To mark a half-century of work, I have assembled a retrospective show of 265 paintings and the stories behind them in the form of a book. I have spent most of my life trying to capture in paint the beauty that I see around me. Now, as much as ever, people need beauty and joy in their lives. It is my hope that this book gives pleasure to others."

The book has 201 pages and measures 10 x 11 1/2 inches. It is a PUR-bound paperback, so the book will last for generations. $90 includes S&H via USPS media in the US 9 (usually 3-5 days). $100 for overseas.

Richard Whitney
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Thank you for your interest.  Sandy and Richard look forward to hearing from you.



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