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Fine Art by
Sandy Sherman and Richard Whitney, PhD.H 

Photo of Sandy Sherman and Richard Whitney by Stacy Eaton

Photo by Stacy Eaton

Diversify your personal art collection with fine art from our art gallery and studio. Studios at Crescent Pond is located the Southwest corner of New Hampshire. Crescent Pond is a creek that is about 50 years old, and since its creation has been home to beavers whose natural habitat is still there today.

On the property, we both enjoy black bear sighting and black bear whispering. When most clients come to our art gallery and studio, they are taken aback by the breathtaking views of Crescent Pond, which is a nature lover's paradise.

Many have said, "Crescent Pond is a magical place to be." We find, as owners of the land and artists in the studio, we draw our inspiration from the surrounding environment, as it is a quiet and peaceful place that feels like nature's sanctuary.

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James Webb, Jr., The Pentagon

by Richard Whitney, PhD.H

Sawmill Farm Inn

by Sandy Sherman

The Thinker

by Sandy Sherman

Monadnock Orchard

by Richard Whitney, PhD.H


Painting The Visual Impression by Richard Whitney, PhD.H


"The young painter, who regardless of present popularity would leave a name behind him, must become the patient pupil of nature . . .

What are the most sublime productions of the (brush) but selections of some of the forms of nature, and copies of a few of her evanescent effects: and this is the result, not of inspiration, but of long and patient study, under the direction of much good sense."
— John Constable 1

This booklet is a summary of the fundamental ideas that artists use to help them paint the look of nature and the effects of light and shadow. Richard has written these concepts in a concise manner so that they can be memorized.

He has listed them in order of importance (with the essential ideas in bold type) so as to help the working painter logically solve problems. Learning to paint involves learning to see, and guidance from a master craftsman is necessary. This booklet should be used as a supplement to studio instruction.

Painting The Visual Impression by Richard Whitney Book Cover

"Richard Whitney's technical abilities are dazzling...his treatment of form and atmosphere is stunning in terms of painterly quality. Whitney's dedication to technique are fierce, but his heightened sense of reality represents more than simple mimesis."
— American Arts Quarterly

"He is an excellent craftsman whose paintings are very much finished products."
— John Wharton, New England Art Critic?


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